Gunnison Activity Guide

Things to do in and around Gunnison.

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The thrill of whitewater rafting on the Taylor, Gunnison or Arkansa rivers, or you can take a...
Rock Climbing
Around the Gunnison area, you'll find technical climbs for varying abilities.
Visit Gunnison's shopping district and find a variety of unique items and gifts.
Snowmobile Tours
Gunnison Country is home of some of the best snowmobiling trails around.
Gunnison offers great outdoor Tennis Courts at Western State College with absolutely no fee!
Blue Mesa Colorado's largest man-made lake, has wide open spaces which are a perfect arena for the...
Whitewater Rafting
The rivers around Gunnison provide a wide variety of rafting experiences.
The premium place is the Bay of Chickens at Blue Mesa Lake.

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